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the Dao constantly dances...

When have you ever seen a tree express dread, fear or worry over the approaching Fall. She proudly displays her glorious colors giving no concern that each and everyone of her leaves will fade and be lifted from her branches by the gusts of the Winter wind. She holds onto nothing...never attempting to save cover for herself. She watches as leaf by leaf that cover is shaken, swirls around her and settles at her feet. She is not concerned...she continues to give her attention to the nourishment she draws from the earth and the sun...following the flow of the Dao effortlessly. The cold winds of the Winter do not cause her to bow. She instead relishes the warmth of the Winter sun on her bare branches...confident the Dao will provide. The length of the Winter does not matter as this time allows her to turn her energy inward gathering vitality and strength. She pulls her sap deep in her belly and stores her essence in her roots...she sleeps and honors her essence as the cold Winter days come and go.

Then the day of Spring arrives and the Dao gently begins to nudge her from her slumber. The sap in her veins begins to flow easier and with each pulse the Dao reminds her that the magnificence of Spring is upon her...adorning her once more with tender leaves that refresh her and allow her to dance. The Dao reminds her of her song as the Spring breeze hums it to her. The Dao never disappoints her...always her the freedom to fall into the abandon of living her fullest potential...

As Fall is marching towards us, how can I learn the steps of Dancing with the Dao? I was reminded a few weeks ago that I did not arrive on Earth I sprang forth from Earth. I am fully capable to dance but many days I fail to catch the rhythm. What prevents me from flowing with abandon...leaning into the season of Fall and utilizing that potent, powerful energy to release, to let go, to reset. The lesson available for me to learn is how to lean into the "unknown". The trees release their leaves effortlessly because they have no fear of the unknown. When the Dao nudges the tree responds. There is no questioning "how long will winter be?", "how many leaves will I get next Spring?", "what if the new leaves are not as grand as the ones I had this year?" It is this effortless, fearlessness of the unknown that holds the abandon...the abandon is the dance. Can I learn to live this example...flowing with the Dao, dancing with the Dao...letting it lead me through all the seasons of my life.

Peace and Namaste

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